An interesting post here from Idris Mootee on the importance of the passions, skills, attitudes and general humanity of people in creating successful and agile organisations. But then along comes ‘management’ to control, create procedures and rules so that:

People are seldom encouraged to be themselves, have fun, or seek fulfillment in their jobs. Instead, they are pushed to just do their jobs, and not bringing their true capability to the organization. How often you heard companies say their employees are their most important, this has always been the biggest bullshit

To be specific, I belive management can and should be a force for good – about mobilising and nurturing resources not control and direct – but so few organisations allow this to happen. Also, so few managers trust colleagues enough for this to happen. I’ve been a company that promoted the rhetoric of empowerment, freedom and creativity, but only if (a) your ideas coincided with their ideas and (b) what was produced matched their vision for what you should produce … incredibly frustrating but I remained passionate about the work. I’ve also worked in a cliche of a 1970s bureaucracy where control was the key management function – also very frustrating but soon I stopped caring, it made me as close to depressed as I ever want to get (not something you could say about the previous example) and I was so glad to leave (in all honesty, starting this blog was part of my recovery strategy from that job).

One small aspect of Idris’ blogging is that it includes the occassional typo-and therefore, more authentic as someone reflecting on recent experience