OK really monthly notes. The ‘joys’ or work have intervened so I’ve posted even less/ read even less and interacted with the world even less than normal. As you may guess, I use the term ‘joy’ quite incorrectly. Just for clarification, a change in job role has meant I’ve been head down and churning through bureaucracy for the last too many weeks. Not fun but will hopefully loose this role soonest.

As could be expected, there has been little progress on my PhD work of late but this will have to change as I have a progress board approaching. I’m looking at stringing together an Actor Network Theory inspired approach involving a combination of CMC interaction analysis of twitter based learning events with “following the actors” [micro-texts and people] through other online presences – as the ‘actants’ shift to more private realms then the research should shift from pure online observation to direct interviews of key informants. Currently grappling with some of the ethical issues here – when does virtual ethnographic observation become some form of cyber stalking?

While its an ambitious methodological project I think its realisable (or am I a fool?)! Even if I’m being a fool, its still damn interesting at this stage.